Welsh History

Owain Glyndwr

"[in Glyndwr]...here was a leader who combined the bravery of a Hector, the wizardry of a Merlin and the elusiveness of a Scarlet Pimpernel."
R.R. Davies, The Revolt of Owain Glyndwr 1995.

"The chronicler of Saint Albans believed that Glyndwr dabbled in magic to control the weather."


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1400AD - 1412AD a timeline concentrating of the key events around the welsh uprisings led by owain glyndwr.

Gerald of Wales on Wales:
"It is a country very strongly defended by high mountains, deep valleys, extensive woods, rivers, and marshes; insomuch that from the time the Saxons took possession of the island the remnants of the Britons, retiring into these regions, could never be entirely subdued either by the English or by the Normans."
from 'The Description of Wales' by Geraldus Cambrensis

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